Diamond wire-saws for reinforced concrete
Diamond wire-saws for granite quarries
Diamond wire-saws for granite block squaring
Diamond wire-saws for granite profiling
Diamond wire-saws for marble quarries
Diamond wire-saws for marble block squaring
Diamond wire-saws for marble profiling
Diamond wire-saws for multi-wire machines
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Diamond wire saw is composed of diamond beads which is stringed together with high strong steel wire.
Diamond beads are produced coating diamond powder on the column steel rings by three types of technics: electroplating, sintering and vacuum brazing. Vacuum brazed wire saw is our new innovatory products.
Diamond beads are reinforced with rubber or plastic injection and also spring on the steel wire.
We offer wire saw diameter from 7.3mm to 11.6mm, in order to fit all kind of application conditions: quarrying, cutting and profiling marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and so on.

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